Who We Are

The Do it Best Foundation supports not-for-profit community organizations and agencies that are committed to serving the needs of others. Our belief in serving others as we would like to be served guides us to help those who need it most.

Areas of Focus

In creating the Do it Best Foundation, we have identified four focus areas where we can positively impact our community:


Health & Wellness

Ensuring we have adequate resources to support the growth of healthy families.


Youth Enrichment

Encouraging developmental, educational and extracurricular activities to strengthen the minds and bodies of children and prepare them for successful futures.


The Arts

Supporting a vibrant culture displayed through creativity.


The Community

Developing stronger connections among our citizens and building a greater appreciation for what makes our neighborhoods and towns unique and worth preserving.

Apply for a Grant

The Do it Best Foundation awards grants to nonprofit organizations that align with our focus areas. If you are a 501c(3) organization, you may apply for a grant from the Do it Best Foundation. The foundation’s evaluation committee reviews and approves requests for grants.


Donations to the Do it Best Foundation, a 501c(3) organization, help broaden the impact we can have in our four focus areas. We thank you for supporting our ability to positively impact our community.